The Board wishes to thank all members that attended to the 2017 Ethics Workshop on October 28, 2017!  It was a great success!

For those who were not able to attend to this mandatory workshop or who were not exempt, please be advised that you have the following options:

  • Take another Ethics workshop (that is acceptable to the Board) through an organization or employer;
  • Take an online webinars offered through CCPA;
  • Or taken an Ethics course offered through an Educational Institution.

Please advise our office for approval prior to enrolling to any Ethics workshops, webinars or courses.  They must be taken by the end of April 2018 and must equivalent to at least 6 CEC’s (6 hrs).

Exemptions are for members that have taken an Ethics workshop or courses within three years prior to the 2017 Ethics Workshop, students and affiliates/retirees.  Proof of attendance to a previous ethics workshop will be required to be exempted.

For more information, please contact the Registrar at .