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Application Deadlines

Applications for membership with the CCTNB are now reviewed on a rolling intake by the Office of the Registrar. However, complex applications may need to be reviewed by the CCTNB Registration Committee, this can take up to 8 weeks. If your application is complex you will need to take into consideration that your application could take up to eight weeks to be approved.

Your application might be complex if:

  • You have completed your degree outside of Canada or the United States
  • Your broad base counselling coursework is ambiguous
  • Other reasons as decided by the CCTNB Registrar

Before you apply

1 – Read the Standards of PracticeCode of Ethics, and CCTNB By-laws

2 – Read the definitions, to make sure you fully understand the meaning of what we require.

3 – Review the Summary of Registration Requirements

Applicants transferring from another province

Are welcome to complete the Interprovincial Transfer Form.

Notice: Due to the different criteria requirements of some provincial regulatory bodies, we ask that you review our eligibility criteria’s prior to submitting your interprovincial transfer application.

Student, Retiree and Associate applicants

Are encouraged to complete the following:

1-  Review the Application Guidelines

2-  Read and understand definitions

3-  Complete online 

Ready to apply for LCT/LCT-C?

You can apply using our online application (must be filled out in one session).

Once you have completed your application form, please follow these steps:

1 –   Complete and provide a Practicum Description Form to supervising professor or representative of the university, for signature, and have it sent directly to our office.

2 –  Order transcripts for all course work listed on your application (undergraduate and graduate degree transcripts). Transcripts must be sent directly to us from the institutions. We will accept certified electronic transcripts sent from the university.

3 – Complete Graduate degree obtained in Canada or Graduate Degree obtained outside Canada, to confirm that you hold a master’s degree from an accredited institution.

4 –  Review and provide reference forms to supervisors and/or colleagues. Reference forms must then be sent directly to us from the Referees. A total of two reference forms must be completed.

5 – Order letters of good standing from any regulatory bodies with which you hold membership.

6 – Provide a Criminal Record with Vulnerable Sector Check by police or RCMP in your area ( within the last 6 months)

7 – Submit a current resume, with details of your academic qualifications, counselling training and relevant work experience.

8 – Provide proof of professional liability insurance in the minimum amount of 2 million dollars. If you are covered through an employer, you will need to submit the employment information form.

9 – Choose a Supervisor from the List of approved supervisors, individuals interested in becoming supervisors are encouraged to submit a supervisor application form.

10 – Complete the supervision agreement.

11 – Submit your supervision contract

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all documents required in the application process are received by CCTNB. The office collects data only and will not call to let an applicant know that documentation is missing.

All license seeking applicants, upon admittance to the College of Counselling Therapists of New Brunswick; must complete counselling work hours, as follows:

Regular Applicants (no clinical work experience required)

2000 hours of counselling work (min. of 800 direct client contact hours), including;

50 hours of clinical supervision


Experienced Practitioner (2000 hours of counselling work- min. of 800 direct client contact hours)

Please note that hours must have been completed in 3 years prior to submitting application

500 hours of counselling work (min. of 200 direct client contact hours), including;

25 hours of clinical supervision

Applicants concerned about whether references and transcripts have been received should contact CCTNB for an update on the contents of the file.

What happens next?

Once your application is complete we will send you an email to confirm along with a link to process your application fee.

Once your application has been reviewed, we will send you an email informing you if you have been accepted for membership, along with a link to complete your membership dues.

My application has been accepted for membership. What now?

The email you receive informing you of your acceptance contains your membership number, details on your certificate, supervision (LCT-C), CEC’s, and dues.

Continuing Education Credit Requirement

In order to be a member in good standing with the College, you will need to complete a total of 36 hours of Continuing Education (CE’s) credits. Those who have 3 years or less of counselling work experience will require 500 hours of work under supervision of a board-approved clinical (not administrative) supervisor and at least 25 hours of clinical supervision within 3 years of inception of the policy.