CCTNB’s Supervision policy states that new members admitted after June 1, 2017 and some members completing Continuing Education Credits will work under supervision for prescribed periods of time.

This means that while these members work as Counselling Therapists, they will be supervised by a Clinical Supervisor for between 25-50 hours. Note that the Supervision Agreement between Supervisee and Supervisor is a private financial contract where the Supervisor provides Clinical Supervision to the Supervisee in sessions that will revolve around topics such as case review, ethical issues including boundaries, legal issues, interventions, how to write effective case notes, work-related stressors, self-care, etc.

To augment our Supervisor numbers, CCTNB is seeking experienced members to become Clinical Supervisors so they may supervise those members who are required to work under supervision. Supervisors must must be a LCT with CCTNB or a full member of the College of Psychologists of NB or the NB Association of Social Workers with at least 5 years of counselling experience, must have at least 2 million dollars in liability insurance, must submit an up-to-date resume detailing Counselling Work Experience in terms of number of hours/weeks/years to demonstrate 5 years of counselling practice and must take the CCTNB Supervision Training course which will be given at this year’s AGM on Saturday October 19 2019 from 10-3:30.

If you are interested in applying to be a Clinical Supervisor, please email to ask our Registrar to send you an application form. Please complete it and send it back to

Should you have any questions, please email CCTNB or phone us at 506-854-9345

Thank you for your interest!

Supervision Committee on behalf of the CCTNB board of directors